What makes our server backups better

Everybody knows that having reliable backups is essential. The worst case scenario for any IT professional or business is data loss, of any scale. It’s inevitable that files will be altered, folders deleted or incorrect MySQL queries executed accidentally due to a coding error, or deleting the wrong domain, especially after a long day in the office!

Highlights of our advanced backups

  • Up to hourly backups
  • Up to 336 restore points
  • Up to 14 days backup retention
  • Rapid restores of individual files or directories
  • Rapid restores of individual MySQL tables or databases

In order to have a fail safe ‘disaster recovery’ plan regular backups are a necessity. Traditional backup methods often put a high load on the server causing your websites to become slow and potentially unresponsive, while the backups take hours to complete so your data is out-of-date before they even finish!

Fully Automated Server Backups

Our automated server backups rapidly and reliably take copies of your server without human interaction and are constantly checked by our extensive health monitoring system. We’ve designed our backup processes to be extremely lightweight and to have minimal impact on server load during the backup, you won’t notice backups running day or night. This allows us to configure backups to be taken as often as hourly with no noticeable impact on system performance.

We can take snapshots of working MySQL databases almost instantly as the backup agent is capable of locking, backing up and unlocking tables in milliseconds without interrupting your website.

Rapidly restore your data, in minutes!

We believe that backups are essential and should not be an optional extra! We provide a range of comprehensive backup features as standard with all of our Cloud VPS and Cloud VPS Extreme managed hosting services – we take backups at least once every 6 hours and retain them for 7 days, providing you with at least 28 restore points. Upgrades are available to even more thorough backups through our upgraded care packs for maximum peace of mind.

Many of our competitors offer backups but what they don’t tell you is any restore requests require them to overwrite your entire server – this means you will lose all changes to your websites, emails and databases since the backup was made, this can be very costly to any business with lost orders, missing emails, and having to repeat work you’ve already completed!

At Layershift we understand that ensuring your data is safe and can be used quickly in an emergency is critically important and so we offer lightning fast restores of individual files, directories, MySQL tables and databases (or even your entire server if you wish) typically in under 20 minutes at any time of night or day (seriously, any time!).

Care Pack: Essential Enhanced Enterprise
Backup Frequency Every 6 hours Every 6 hours Up to hourly
Full Backup Restore Points 28 56 56-336
Backup Retention 7 days 14 days 14 days

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