Hosting the Christmas Holiday @Layershift

Merry Christmas from LayershiftThe Christmas holiday season is already kicking into gear, with people travelling across country, and even around the world, to spend precious time with their loved ones. For many, hosting servers and services are already far from their minds – but of course when you open up that website to spend a Christmas gift voucher, or play that new online game, you still expect it to work flawlessly.

Layershift Christmas opening times

Just like you, we try to give our hard working teams a nice relaxing Christmas so that they can spend quality time with their families and loved ones.

We all know that the internet never sleeps, and certainly server problems are not so kind as to respect any holiday season – so be assured that even though we will be running with a skeleton staff (to give our team as much of a well deserved break as possible) over the Christmas period, we remain ready to handle any issue and provide assistance 24×7: even on Christmas Day itself.

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Loyalty bonuses for trusting us with your hosting

As you browse our new website you will see we’re now focusing our web presence on our two great dependable cloud hosting services, Cloud VPS and Jelastic Cloud, and wanted to offer all of those existing customers something special just in time for the Christmas rush.

Free hosting resource increases

Cloud VPS & Extreme – still dependable, but now even better

Like all of our loyal customers know, our Cloud VPS and Cloud VPS Extreme range (and its legacy predecessor VPS range) has been a pinnacle of the hosting industry for many years, and we continue to improve our exceptional managed hosting services by pushing these services even further.

All of our Cloud VPS and Cloud VPS Extreme customers will now enjoy the following three new benefits, effective immediately, and without any extra charge as a Christmas cloud hosting loyalty bonus from Layershift:

1: Supercharged RAM & CPU

All plans have received a free boost in CPU and most plans extra RAM! More space to grow your visitor numbers, host additional websites and increase your performance with improved page loading times and faster scripts.

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Hack Manchester 2013 – Jelastic Challenge Round-up

Hack Manchester 2013 Awards CeremonyHack Manchester, the 25 hour “24 hour” coding competition right here in Manchester, UK, recently saw 230 developers descend onto MOSI over the weekend of 26th / 27th October to kick-start the Manchester Science Festival.

72 teams competed, with 30 projects eventually submitted to competition judges for the various sponsor challenges.

Layershift challenged teams to ignite their creative juices on our innovative Jelastic Java & PHP PaaS – with a cool £800 in Amazon vouchers on offer for the winners.

An amazing 1 in 5 teams took up the mantle and engaged with our particular challenge – and 12 out of the 30 final entries (i.e. 40% of all entries) used our platform in some way for their project, demonstrating far lower attrition for the wise teams who chose to develop on our Jelastic PaaS vs. those who didn’t. Startups take note here!

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An overnight success

It’s not often that you can write about an overnight success and mean it quite so literally – but the aspiring entrepreneurs who took part in Startup Hacks last weekend achieved an amazing amount in such a short time it’s not an exaggeration to state it like that (well ok, it was over 2 nights if you insist!).

Within a mere 48 hours, eight talented teams of individuals came together, formed ideas, developed business plans, and built MVP models. I don’t know what you got up to this weekend, but I’m pretty sure you can’t better that!

At the end of it all, the teams stood proud, pitched their businesses to an impressive judging panel (composed of venture capitalists, tech. journalists, and startup incubators), and walked away with cash prizes – not to mention a potential £15,000 investment!

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Startup Hacks – are you ready?

Layershift and Startup Hacks have teamed up to provide all participants with special free access to all features of our Jelastic cloud hosting platform throughout the event.

Manchester and the north west of England will always have a special place in our hearts and that’s why we’re eager to help the members of our local community. We’re really excited about this weekend – Startup Hacks’ 48 hour hackathon – a coding competition right in the heart of Manchester that gives us the perfect opportunity to support local business.

Startup Hacks Manchester

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