High-level app development with CUBA.platform on Jelastic PaaS

We’re living in a fast-paced world where everything needs to be quick, easy and cost effective in order to be competitive. With the help of frameworks, modern development has become a lot simpler, even for complex applications.cuba logo

CUBA.Platform is a high level open source Java web framework most suitable for developing enterprise applications with rich web interfaces, complex data models, enhanced security requirements and support for a multitude of business processes.

Being a high level framework, it abstracts developers from underlying technologies — such as Vaadin, Spring or EclipseLink — so they can focus on the business tasks, empowered by a rich set of features and development tools, and without restrictions to low level code.

All you need to develop apps in CUBA is Java SE, XML and JPQL. In addition to a more uniform and easy to maintain code, it also reduces requirements to your dev team as you don’t need any Java EE gurus.

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