Fast And Efficient Cloud Scalability: How PrestaBR E-commerce Development Agency Handles Traffic Spikes Using Layershift Jelastic Hosting – Case Study


PrestaBR is an e-commerce development agency, specialised in PrestaShop Platform since 2011. They are using Jelastic to host and manage medium and large size e-commerce stores they develop for their clients.

Jelastic is a cloud platform as a service, built to deliver instant server scalability for resource-intensive websites and applications.

Experiencing performance issues during traffic spikes and increased costs for hosting resource intensive e-commerce websites, Thiago Ferreira – Projects Director, decided to look for a better solution to host his client’s websites.


“We were looking for scalable hosting to control simultaneous access spikes” – Thiago Ferreira, PrestaBR



PrestaBR needed a reliable cloud solution that would help them scale multiple websites with high traffic needs. There are several providers on the market and Thiago tested and compared some of the most popular ones such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, before deciding to use Jelastic Cloud Platform.


Jelastic is really amazing; it provides very fast and efficient scalability, both vertical and horizontal while also giving us the ability to manage multiple accounts simultaneously using a very user-friendly interface”


Finding the right Jelastic hosting provider

Jelastic is a powerful cloud platform offered by several hosting providers with infrastructure across the globe. There are several things to consider before choosing which provider is best for you; such as datacenter location, performance, customer support, server management level, price and others according to any specific hosting needs you might have.

After testing more than 20 Jelastic hosting providers, choosing Layershift was an easy decision for Thiago. The server performance and efficient customer support, included backups and additional services differentiated Layershift from other Jelastic providers.


“The quality of network and hardware are exceptional at Layershift. Their support is very efficient, friendly and competent. They offer backups to separate isolated hardware, a full copy every 6 hours, retained for 14 days. Also, they offer complementary services like CDN and Firewall with PCI Compliance. The service they provide is very stable and the prices are also great”


Benefits of using Layershift Jelastic

Using Layershift Jelastic has brought many benefits to PrestaBR, the most impactful being “simplicity and practicality, it gets much easier to solve various day-to-day problems” – says Thiago. He had no problem getting started with Jelastic as the extended documentation and support, plus a user-friendly interface allowed him to get used to working with Jelastic platform really fast.


“I had no problems to start using Jelastic, it was really easy. Consulting the documentation a few times, some small clarifications, I got used to working with it within a week”


Being able to scale your server resources to cope with high traffic demands at any given time, is crucial for any e-commerce business as it will directly reflect on your profits. PrestaBR wanted to offer their customers a hosting solution that is not only performant at scale but also cost-effective.


What about costs?

It is well known that e-commerce websites can be resource intensive and you can’t really predict the required resources in advance. Not to mention paying for extra resources you might or might not need, can easily drain your budget resulting in decreasing your business profitability.

Thanks to the pay as you use pricing model, Jelastic not only was scaling server resources according to traffic demand but also allowed PrestaBR to pay only for the exact amount of resources consumed, resulting in cost reductions for all of their customers.


“About costs, all our customers have been positively impacted and are extremely satisfied. A great example is the store, the saving is around US$ 6k/month”


PrestaBR has been successfully hosting e-commerce websites with Layershift Jelastic for over two years now. If you are looking for a cloud hosting solution that can easily scale and deliver high performance for your e-commerce store, you should give Jelastic a try:

Test how Jelastic can improve performance for your ecommerce websites with a 14 days trial offered by Layershift.



Managed Cloud VPS Migration

When it comes to switching providers, most web admins have reservations (for obvious reasons) because migrating all that data (i.e. websites, databases, email accounts, etc.) across to the new host usually implies a lot of effort and wasted time. But moving to Layershift is very different.

Our expert migration engineers handle almost the entire process and stop at nothing to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

Case study: Brainstorm Creative Studio

Kevin Smith, one of the founders of Brainstorm Creative Studio, was kind enough to share his insights about their recent migration from Singlehop to Layershift. We’re sure that after reading this case study you’ll stop worrying about the migration and start thinking about the benefits of moving to Layershift instead.

“Companies like Layershift are so rare, and great staff within them are even rarer, I feel very grateful to all of them for their help.”

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Case study: Fusion Ticket powered by Plesk 11.5 Managed Hosting

Fusion Ticket logo

Today’s case study showcases the importance of using the right tools (with the right service provider) for your web hosting needs, so that you can focus your time and energy where it’s most useful – developing your application and websites.

“We love the latest Plesk Panel 11.5 with all the new features, managing the server is a piece of cake now!”

As Platinum Parallels Technology Partners, Layershift’s technical team are all highly experienced Parallels Plesk certified engineers. With over a decade of experience with this product we know exactly how it works, and more importantly know how to make it work best for you.

We are very excited about the latest Plesk version – 11.5. Our customers have been enjoying its many benefits for a little while now, so it’s a perfect opportunity to evaluate the real-world benefits of Plesk 11.5 combined with our legendary fully managed service.

Mike Taylor, Administrator and Marketing Manager at Fusion Ticket, was kind enough to share his thoughts regarding Plesk 11.5, and his upgrade from cPanel to Plesk.

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Case Study: The BlueBox reviews Jelastic PHP Cloud hosting

“The perfect mix for us”

The BlueBox are a SaaS provider and specialise in web-based business systems. The BlueBox was started in 1997 and have been developing sophisticated business system tools and at the same time providing system developers with a platform on which to build and refine web based systems.

They’ve recently joined Layershift and started using our innovative Jelastic PHP Cloud Hosting service so we really wanted to get in touch with Paul de Villiers – Director & Lead Developer at The BlueBox to find out more details about how they settled in and managed to get their application hosted in the Cloud.

Q: Paul, tell us a little about The BlueBox

A: Our core product is BlueBox2.0 a full-featured ERP system that includes modules for Sales, Procurement, Inventory, Manufacturing, Marketing, Financial, Human Resources and Publishing.

We consult our solution to small/medium sized companies and pride ourselves in being able to bespoke each solution to fit our customer’s exact needs. Our average customer pays around £500-£1000 per month for our product on a month-by-month lease.


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Cloud hosting case study: King of Shaves

King of Shaves logo

King of Shaves is the UK’s leading quality shaving and skincare challenger brand, founded in 1993 by Will King and offering a range of innovative products for both men and women.

Since Will King created the Original Shaving Oil in his kitchen back in 1993, King of Shaves now sells a product every three seconds worldwide and is regarded as one of the UK’s most innovative and successful challenger brands.

We spoke with Simon Watson, Head of Design at King of Shaves about how Layershift Managed Cloud Hosting responded to the King’s needs and did everything possible to help make their online Kingdom the greatest of them all.

Simon, who are you and what’s your background?

Simon Watson - King of ShavesI formally trained as a Graphic Designer at Middlesex Polytechnic graduating with BA Hons degree in 1991 before starting work for a small corporate design consultancy, Ludden Taylor, in London for five years working with blue chip clients like The BOC Group, Rolls Royce Aerospace, Philip Morris and the EU – we were one of the first studios to produce every piece of work completely on computers (Apple Macs, naturally). I then worked for a design and advertising agency called Ambleglow based in Maidenhead, Berkshire doing a mixture of recruitment and consumer advertising mixed with corporate identity design.

An old school friend was working for a small male toiletries business, KMI – who owned the King of Shaves brand, and asked us to work on a few small projects for them. We started off doing a couple of leaflets and I ended up doing so much work for them that I was head hunted and ended up joining them full-time in 2001. During my time at Ambleglow, in conjunction with a specialist HTML / PHP coder, I designed and built the first major version of the King of Shaves website and online store at – my first proper internet project.

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