cloudControl customers migrate to Layershift

Earlier today, German PaaS provider cloudControl confirmed to their customers they are shutting down their servers at the end of this month. With less than 2 weeks to find a new hosting provider, cloudControl customers must act fast to find the optimal replacement for their needs.

We at Layershift, are honoured that so many trust us to deliver the best hosting experience for their application via our Jelastic PaaS.

Our team have been working very hard all day providing the first class support that has become our trademark. Even though such load was unexpected for the very first day, our team are handling it perfectly and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide a new home for cloudControl customers and helping them settle in.

We’d also like to publicly acknowledge the excellent work that cloudControl founders Philipp Strube, Tobias Wilken and Thomas Ruland played in driving the PaaS industry forward. They were true pioneers. A special thanks to them for recommending our solution to their customers; we are doing everything possible to help them to move across smoothly.

Moving is often an arduous task, but our team of migration experts really make it seem like child’s play. Despite the high demand, we’ve already performed several successful migrations and many more are already scheduled to take place over the coming days.

Hello and welcome to all of the cloudControl customers who’ve put their faith in us so far. We’re very pleased to be working with you, and looking forward to a long and successful collaboration for many years to come.

If you’re a cloudControl customer still evaluating your next move, we’re ready to provide a safe home for your apps too. Our hosting environment is fully managed, hassle free, and supports deployment from git – just as you’re used to. It’s also highly versatile and scalable to grow and flex to your needs.

Find out more about how Layershift are helping hundreds of cloudControl customers with FREE expert migration assistance to our award winning platform.