Exciting new domain extensions you need to have!

We know how important an Internet presence is for every business, large and small, and business owners are becoming increasingly frustrated because domain names they want to register are getting harder to get. However, we have some great news for all you entrepreneurs!

Good news for the startup community!

Google has expanded the list of ccTLD’s that they recognise as global and now .io domains have made it onto the list!

If you aren’t that familiar with ccTLD’s and TLD’s yet, here’s a quick run-down:


These are 2 letter “country code top-level domains” which usually represent a country or geographical area, for example, .uk for the UK, or .eu for the European Union. If you use these domains, you’ll typically be listed in Google results for the specific country or area your domain extension refers to, so UK users should see their website more highly ranked than non-UK domains in Google’s UK search results.


These are top-level domains, such as .com or .net – these are the most common domains which are usually used to demonstrate you’re a global business.

How new domain extensions work:

As we’re launching these new domains a lot of exciting new words and phrases can be used for your websites and, perhaps more importantly, Google now recognises these as global websites if they have the .io domain extension. Therefore, you’ll get more traffic or ranking outside the host country.

Let’s explain this a little bit more, as we are so excited about it! If up until now you had a domain name with a ccTLD extension (e.g. webmasters.co.uk), because the TLD extension for this website was already taken, you can now purchase the new TLD extension .io and your website will rank not only in the UK, but also worldwide. So if you’re planning on going international, then the domain extension .io is your perfect match!

A new star is born!

Since the .io domain extension is the new star in the startup community, here are some highlights of using .io for your website:

  • It’s new and different therefore it makes your startup stand out!

  • There are no restrictions to register an .io domain, it’s easy and it can be done in a couple of minutes!

  • It’s easier to get the domain name that you want, because the .io extension is not that busy yet. But you need to hurry as we’re spreading the news and we all know that good news travel fast!

  • It’s shorter than .com, .org, and .info. It’s easier to remember and type. That means more of your site visitors will remember it and return to you in an instant!

The domain extension that you don’t want to miss!

Right now you’re already convinced about the .io domain extension and its benefits. Then let’s talk about the .in domain extension. It’s short and fun, you can use it to make words or pair with verbs to make even more memorable, and it doesn’t have any additional geographical requirements in order to register it. It’s open to anyone. Hurry and register your domain today, before someone else gets it first!

Register .io and .in domains

Business owners find it increasingly difficult to get the name they want in the traditional .com and .net domains, but these new domain extensions available at Layershift from today offer new opportunities to secure your perfect domain. Make it shorter, and more memorable using a .io or .in domain.

Both .io and .in domains are fully compatible with our entire range of hosting services – no special configuration or setup requirements, just add them to your Managed Cloud VPS or Jelastic environment in the normal way.

Get your dot io domains at the following prices:

  • £49.95/year (GBP)

  • $79.95/year (USD)

Get you dot in domains at the following prices:

  • £14.95/year (GBP)

  • $22.95/year (USD)

Both are available to anyone worldwide (no residency restrictions)!

How do I order?

All you need to do is go here: http://www.layershift.com/hosting/domain-names, check availability of the domain name that you’d like to acquire and follow the wizard to process your order.