Supercharge WordPress in Plesk

Web management tools, such as one-click installs, are a convenient way to install an application. However, after the installation you are on your own. If you are not that familiar with command line or coding, you have to rely on others to configure your application properly. After the installation, you might find yourself unable to secure and configure the application properly.

If you don’t have a web developer who would take care of your application, the management may become even more tedious. The solution usually involves the mentioned third-party services to manage your websites. Wouldn’t it be nice though, to manage your webpage on your own, without additional costs, from your web hosting control panel? Thanks to the latest Parallels Plesk WordPress Toolkit, now you can!

Overview of features:

  • Security
  • Update Management
  • Plugin Management
  • Theme Management

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Meet us at Cloud Expo Europe

Cloud_expo_europeThe Layershift team is gearing up for the Cloud Expo Europe conference which is being held on the 11th and 12th of March 2015 at ExCeL London.

Cloud Expo Europe is the very best place to discover the industry’s newest and upcoming technologies and business solutions and we’re proud to be one of the exhibitors. The 2014 event saw over 12,000 visitors and this year the organisers expect even more people, so register now (free) to be part of one of Europe’s largest cloud hosting events!

Visit us at booth #600 and win great prizes!

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High performance Ruby server – Raptor Passenger 5

Raptor (Passenger 5) offers a new performance dimension

Raptor (Passenger 5) offers a new performance dimension

If you’re a Ruby developer, it probably didn’t escape your attention that Phusion have announced a radical update to their awesome Ruby application server – Passenger.

Codenamed Raptor, this new server boasts performance up to 4x faster than Unicorn, and even up to 2x faster than Puma!

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Worried about the SSL transition from SHA-1 to SHA-2? We’ve got you covered!


Every internet user is familiar with the lock icon which comes with almost every website these days – this means that the website is secured by an SSL certificate which will guarantee that sensitive information sent across the Internet is encrypted.

We all know how vital security is in the online world, but how does the SSL manage to encrypt all of this information so that it won’t get in the wrong hands?

Well, the answer is the hashing algorithm – an important feature of the public-key encryption which is used to encrypt the communication between a server and a browser. It’s really important to keep up with it and use the latest version to make sure your website is protected. Here at Layershift, this is our main purpose: to ensure that your website and business are protected and up to date – so we followed the evolution of the hashing algorithm and pro-actively updated the certificates issued via ourselves to use the latest version.

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Santa Cloud is coming to town

The final countdown to Christmas has begun and we know that all of you can’t wait to spend some quality time with your family, friends, and loved ones. OK, maybe not all of you, we suspect there’ll be at least a few programmers donning their Halloween masks by mistake:

Q: Why do programmers always mix up Halloween and Christmas?

A: Because Oct 31 == Dec 25!

If you don’t understand, don’t worry (and Google it!), but most of all don’t be scared if you see a few confused ghouls roaming the streets over the next few days – these are the good folks that make the Internet world tick so give them a hearty handshake (and maybe a bucket load of sweets: let’s face it you’re going to eat enough sugar these next few days anyway!) on our behalf!

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