New .UK domains launched!

Get 2 years from us for the price of 1 year from our competitors!

.uk domain, .fr, .gr, .nl and many more. Most countries in the world have a short, predictable and easy to remember domain extension, and now .UK is here!

This allows anyone to register a .UK domain in just the same way as you do with the other over 10 million existing UK domains like Unlike most of our competitors with inflated pricing for .UK domains (cost prices are the same as for domains!) we’re keeping our usual low cost pricing for these new domains (just £2.95 or $4.95 per year).

Anyone who registered a domain ending in,, etc. prior to 28 October 2013 may have an automatic first refusal right to the equivalent .UK domain until 2019. As the rules are complicated, we recommend to use Nominet’s .UK domain lookup tool.

As with all ccTLD’s, a UK contact address will be required for .UK (even if you’re based overseas), so make sure you submit the correct information when you register your new domain name.

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Layershift Jelastic PaaS – unlimited edition

Layershift Jelastic PaaS

Hate trials that are so limited they’re effectively “crippleware”? Yeah, so do we! Sadly a few budding trialists brought it to our attention that we’re guilty of this heinous crime – today we’re putting that right.

The Jelastic PaaS is a polyglot platform, supporting applications authored in a variety of programming languages, and running a wide selection of application and database servers.

With this power comes great responsibility. A responsibility to set the resource limits high enough to suit a vast assortment of different technologies, frameworks, and server stacks. It turns out that some of your apps (particularly Java EE apps) are heavily performance limited – or may not run at all – with our old trial limits.

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Jelastic PaaS saves you even more money this spring

Yes, we know that Spring started a little while ago, but a new lower price needs a nice headline so what can you do?


Great news! We’ve just slashed our Jelastic PaaS pricing, bringing the base cost down from £7.30 per cloudlet to just £4.75 per cloudlet!

But we didn’t stop there. We’ve also dramatically simplified our automatic volume discount tiers to just 3 levels – providing the maximum discount level to environments with as little as 16 cloudlets (previously required 512+ cloudlets for max. discount).

Jelastic now up to 75% cheaper than AWS

Even though AWS is predominantly an IaaS platform (not a PaaS like Jelastic), there’s no denying that they’re the industry benchmark. Many have already discovered that you can save big by switching from AWS to Jelastic, but now you can save even more – our latest price cuts deliver up to 75% saving just against their basic pricing:

AWS t1.micro instance in EU region with 10GB EBS + 1,000GB/month traffic:
$135.15 / month (approx. £80)

Equivalent Layershift Jelastic PaaS environment (hosted in the UK):
£18.98 / month (75% saving)

The example above assumes 80% server utilisation (which is quite high; even for a small server) – if your usage is actually lower you can potentially save a lot more by using Layershift’s Jelastic PaaS, because unlike AWS we charge for your actual usage rather than your requested server size.

That’s not to mention the huge time savings from using a fully-featured next generation PaaS vs. a basic IaaS!

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Managed Cloud VPS Migration

When it comes to switching providers, most web admins have reservations (for obvious reasons) because migrating all that data (i.e. websites, databases, email accounts, etc.) across to the new host usually implies a lot of effort and wasted time. But moving to Layershift is very different.

Our expert migration engineers handle almost the entire process and stop at nothing to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

Case study: Brainstorm Creative Studio

Kevin Smith, one of the founders of Brainstorm Creative Studio, was kind enough to share his insights about their recent migration from Singlehop to Layershift. We’re sure that after reading this case study you’ll stop worrying about the migration and start thinking about the benefits of moving to Layershift instead.

“Companies like Layershift are so rare, and great staff within them are even rarer, I feel very grateful to all of them for their help.”

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Save money with Jelastic’s new optimised Garbage Collector Agent

garbage_collector_save_moneyA few short months ago we explained how to experiment with custom JVM Garbage Collector settings on our Jelastic PaaS.

The fantastic development team behind Jelastic just announced that they too were hard at work experimenting with the GC, and as a result they’ve introduced new default GC settings to help to provide optimum performance right out of the box for all of your Java applications.

New default Garbage Collector settings

Prior to this update, Jelastic used the Serial GC by default if the Cloudlet Scaling Limit was set at or below 1GB (8 cloudlets), and the G1 GC by default if the Cloudlet Scaling Limit was set above 1GB.

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