Light up the cloud with our Singapore discounts!

To celebrate the Festival of Lights – Deepavali – and our phenomenal growth since first launching our Singapore range over 4 years ago, we are offering our most popular Singapore Fully Managed Cloud VPS plans with an amazing 50% lifetime discount!

Like the Deepavali sweets, our stock is limited so grab your lifetime discount while you can.

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Enhanced Docker® Lifecycle Support on Layershift Jelastic PaaS

The latest platform upgrade on the Layershift Jelastic PaaS delivers three great headline benefits that every Layershift customer should take advantage of today.

1. Docker® on Jelastic PaaS is now GA

Docker Jelastic PaaS hosting

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Docker®. That little fish has made big waves.

Back in April, we announced how Layershift’s private cloud customers were already using Jelastic together with the Docker® packaging standard to use this technology in advanced real-world DevOps workflows.

We just made this a whole lot easier and more flexible with support for volumes. Volumes allow you to dispose of your container without disposing of your data – hence you can upgrade your container to a later version (e.g. switch Docker® image tag).

With this feature we are also making our Docker® feature GA (generally available) to all paid public PaaS account customers by default, marking it out as a first-class citizen available for all to use and enjoy.

This is a great moment to briefly recap the main benefits of using Docker® powered nodes within your Jelastic PaaS environments:

  1. Instant access to 100,000+ pre-defined server templates, giving you the ability to deploy a wider range of server software than ever before.
  2. Define your own server templates – including standing on the shoulders of giants by basing your template atop of any existing one (for example, if you just need to make a minor modification or addition).
  3. Deploy the same server template on your laptop (e.g. via Docker® Compose) as you use in production on our Jelastic PaaS.

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Improving DevOps Agility through a Hybrid Approach

The DevOps approach means you will be handling more than just a single aspect of the product cycle. However, being stuck with acting as system administrator for your company can be a bad thing.

devops-agilitySince the practice was conceived back in 2009, the DevOps culture has launched a coup in the world of software development. By combining the development and operational aspects of building software, this approach has significantly improved the product cycle, enhanced the performance of software produced, increased the output of developers and has led to far better results overall than traditional IT development.

By involving developers at every stage of development and deployment, it has become easier to create more stable software with better-integrated components. Developers are now involved in the software development cycle from the beginning to the very end. As a result, operational functions such as customer service and quality assurance are also being handled by developers under this approach.

At the same time, DevOps has led to a greater involvement of users in every phase of software development. This is one of the key aspects that helped improve the quality and efficiency of beta testing over the past few years. And with the improvement in beta testing, the consequent quality of final versions has steadily improved.

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MongoDB Replica Set automatic deployment

MongoDB supports master-slave replication and a variation on master-slave replication known as replica sets. Replica sets are the recommended replication topology. What is the difference?

Replication vs. Replica Set

MongoDB’s replication is “single-master”, meaning only one node can accept write operations at a time.

In a replica set, on the other hand, if the current “primary” node fails or becomes inaccessible, the other members can autonomously elect one of the other members of the set to be the new “primary”.


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Layershift Jelastic PaaS expands its borders!

Layershift were the first provider to introduce this revolutionary platform to the UK. Now we’re first to go multi-region with the addition of our USA Southwest region in Phoenix, Arizona.

Layershift Jelastic PaaS is expanding its bordersAnswering your demand

Customers throughout Europe are enjoying the exceptionally high standard of service and support we deliver together with our Jelastic PaaS. More and more businesses are saving time and money by only paying for usage, rather than instance size, combined with the renewed focus our highly versatile hosting platform grants by removing sysadmin setup time and headaches.

But our friends across the pond in America were sad. They looked across with envy and pleaded:
“Why do we have to put up with poor service and unreliability from the huge IaaS corps?”

Of course this illustrative of the problem facing most of our PaaS competitors: almost all are built on top of third party infrastructure such as AWS, Digital Ocean, or Azure, so they really have no control over the important infrastructure details; nor can they provide robust SLAs as standard like Layershift.

The US is also an important market for many of our European customers. Together these factors created a very high demand to combine Layershift’s extra special service quality, scalable hosting platform, and a well connected US server location.

We took this opportunity to expand our overall footprint – already in Manchester, Amsterdam, Chicago, and Singapore – launching our Jelastic PaaS in Phoenix is a really proud moment for us.

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