Layershift Jelastic PaaS expands its borders!

Layershift were the first provider to introduce this revolutionary platform to the UK. Now we’re first to go multi-region with the addition of our USA Southwest region in Phoenix, Arizona.

Layershift Jelastic PaaS is expanding its bordersAnswering your demand

Customers throughout Europe are enjoying the exceptionally high standard of service and support we deliver together with our Jelastic PaaS. More and more businesses are saving time and money by only paying for usage, rather than instance size, combined with the renewed focus our highly versatile hosting platform grants by removing sysadmin setup time and headaches.

But our friends across the pond in America were sad. They looked across with envy and pleaded:
“Why do we have to put up with poor service and unreliability from the huge IaaS corps?”

Of course this illustrative of the problem facing most of our PaaS competitors: almost all are built on top of third party infrastructure such as AWS, Digital Ocean, or Azure, so they really have no control over the important infrastructure details; nor can they provide robust SLAs as standard like Layershift.

The US is also an important market for many of our European customers. Together these factors created a very high demand to combine Layershift’s extra special service quality, scalable hosting platform, and a well connected US server location.

We took this opportunity to expand our overall footprint – already in Manchester, Amsterdam, Chicago, and Singapore – launching our Jelastic PaaS in Phoenix is a really proud moment for us.

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Why High Availability Is Important for Your Business

high-availabilityToday’s businesses are addicted to IT. Every part of the business now needs Internet connectivity to function, and not just for cat videos during breaks; from communication via email, instant messaging, and VoIP, to back office ERP and CRM – not to mention the importance of digital marketing channels and ecommerce.

Applications, and even consumer-facing services, are now shifting to cloud and hybrid models as companies realise that in-house IT, once tasked with running an Exchange server and maintaining desktops, lack the tools and specialist expertise to keep these systems running.

Our heavy dependence on the Internet to get business done exposes a threat with the potential to transform the competitive advantages of this new world of doing business in the cloud into a business killer.

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Celebrate 20 years of Java over dinner with James Gosling, Bruno Souza and Ruslan Synytsky at JavaOne

Java is C++ without the guns, knives, and clubs – James Gosling

Are you a Java fan? Do you have an active Java project? Would you like your project to be highlighted in the Java community? Do you know who James Gosling, Bruno Souza and Ruslan Synytsky are? Would you like to meet them at JavaOne? Read on to learn how to enter this amazing Jelastic competition and make your wishes come true.

This year, we’re celebrating 20 years of Java and we couldn’t be more excited! This programming language continuously evolved over the years and now, in 2015, it’s back in first place as the most popular programming language.

What better way to celebrate this awesome anniversary than enjoying an exclusive dinner in the company of 3 of the Java world’s greatest and most influential stars?


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Block malicious traffic with fail2ban

Stop. Security checkThere are many ways in which you can protect your VPS – from strict password policies, through to aggressive spam filtering, basic firewall configurations and antivirus. However, no matter how fancy and elaborate your security precautions are, there will always be someone ready to launch dictionary attacks and probe for vulnerable scripts on your poor server.

Even though we preconfigure strict firewall policies on our fully managed Cloud VPS, there are some services – like the web server itself – that have to remain wide open to the world. Without those gates, there would be no mail flow or web browsing.

Consequently your Cloud VPS can be kept quite busy just fighting off failed FTP/S password probes along with the load of “404 not found” reports in your apache error logs from bots searching for common software exploits. Not to mention the wealth of failed IMAP, SMTP and POP3 connections from spammers and identity thieves trying to compromise your mailbox.

If you weren’t really careful about keeping your website software 100% up to date you have, probably, at some point, received a support ticket from our abuse department notifying you that your VPS has unfortunately become a spam crib due to malware injections or a simple password breach.

A few months ago Parallels (now Odin) introduced new security enhancements to Plesk 12. Such features as WordPress Toolkit, mobile manager application, antispam and antivirus capabilities; the platform is a great choice for any web administrator. One little gem, in terms of security, was the addition of Fail2Ban. Let’s take a look at how it works and how it can save your server from compromise.

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Officially the best in Western Europe!

"Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get." – N. Boswell


There’s one thing central to everything we do at Layershift: keeping our customers happy. Nothing is more important than delivering the very best customer service in our power.

That mantra has seen Layershift grow from strength to strength over the years, and we’re extremely proud and grateful for all the customer referrals we receive from our happy customers.

One of the most fundamental pillars to that success is customer feedback. In fact it’s the very fuel that keeps our business going and growing so strongly.

As a managed hosting provider we work exceptionally closely with our customers, so we like to think that we have a good handle on their needs, wants, desires, and challenges. But how do we know if we’re really doing a good job with that? Are we really solving problems in the most effective way? Was our assistance at the right level of detail and clarity to help the customer meet their goals?

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