Managed Cloud VPS Migration

When it comes to switching providers, most web admins have reservations (for obvious reasons) because migrating all that data (i.e. websites, databases, email accounts, etc.) across to the new host usually implies a lot of effort and wasted time. But moving to Layershift is very different.

Our expert migration engineers handle almost the entire process and stop at nothing to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

Case study: Brainstorm Creative Studio

Kevin Smith, one of the founders of Brainstorm Creative Studio, was kind enough to share his insights about their recent migration from Singlehop to Layershift. We’re sure that after reading this case study you’ll stop worrying about the migration and start thinking about the benefits of moving to Layershift instead.

“Companies like Layershift are so rare, and great staff within them are even rarer, I feel very grateful to all of them for their help.”

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OpenSSL vulnerability – Heartbleed Bug statement

You might think the Heartbleed bug is already history, but in recent days some of our customers have requested a public announcement due to the unprecedented media profile of this particular security vulnerability.

Whilst the media are (rightly, to an extent) making a lot of noise about this bug and its significance to the Internet population at large, the truth is we as sysadmins haven’t treated this security threat any differently to any other.

heartbleedThere are lots of important security vulnerabilities uncovered which have the potential to give an attacker full access to your server (arguably more serious than this case) – so we patch and workaround security vulnerabilities on an almost daily basis as part of our fully managed service. There is simply no reason or benefit to announce each and every one of these – our customers use our service to stay focused on their business rather than technical details like these.

Our expert technical team are always there in the background, performing server tune-ups to ensure that the configuration is optimal and secure at all times, so that you don’t have to.

If you somehow managed to miss the media coverage and the myriad of announcements and emails in your inbox about the Heartbleed bug, you can find more details regarding this vulnerability alert issued by the OpenSSL group on April 7, 2014:

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Hosting the Christmas Holiday @Layershift

Merry Christmas from LayershiftThe Christmas holiday season is already kicking into gear, with people travelling across country, and even around the world, to spend precious time with their loved ones. For many, hosting servers and services are already far from their minds – but of course when you open up that website to spend a Christmas gift voucher, or play that new online game, you still expect it to work flawlessly.

Layershift Christmas opening times

Just like you, we try to give our hard working teams a nice relaxing Christmas so that they can spend quality time with their families and loved ones.

We all know that the internet never sleeps, and certainly server problems are not so kind as to respect any holiday season – so be assured that even though we will be running with a skeleton staff (to give our team as much of a well deserved break as possible) over the Christmas period, we remain ready to handle any issue and provide assistance 24×7: even on Christmas Day itself.

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Case study: Fusion Ticket powered by Plesk 11.5 Managed Hosting

Fusion Ticket logo

Today’s case study showcases the importance of using the right tools (with the right service provider) for your web hosting needs, so that you can focus your time and energy where it’s most useful – developing your application and websites.

“We love the latest Plesk Panel 11.5 with all the new features, managing the server is a piece of cake now!”

As Platinum Parallels Technology Partners, Layershift’s technical team are all highly experienced Parallels Plesk certified engineers. With over a decade of experience with this product we know exactly how it works, and more importantly know how to make it work best for you.

We are very excited about the latest Plesk version – 11.5. Our customers have been enjoying its many benefits for a little while now, so it’s a perfect opportunity to evaluate the real-world benefits of Plesk 11.5 combined with our legendary fully managed service.

Mike Taylor, Administrator and Marketing Manager at Fusion Ticket, was kind enough to share his thoughts regarding Plesk 11.5, and his upgrade from cPanel to Plesk.

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Automatic Joomla, WordPress, Drupal & Magento updates and more

All of our Cloud VPS & Extreme customers using Plesk Panel 11.5 can now benefit from a series of new and improved features for this leading hosting control panel including automatic updates and enhanced security.

New and improved

One-click apps are now automatically updated

We know that keeping your applications up-to-date is vital for the security of your server, so we’ve implemented the ability to enable automatic upgrades to the latest versions of hundreds of applications installed directly from your Plesk Panel.

This new functionality can be enabled for each individual application install, but we strongly recommend using this to ensure your server is securely using the latest versions of popular hosted applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento updates.

Automatic upgrades will make your life easier!

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